Podcasting Without A Net

In the spirit of change and leaving comfort zones behind, I’m trying something different with this recording. I have to admit I’m doing this a little more for me than you, but I’ve done my best to leave you with some thoughts to take away.

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How Do You Prepare For Inevitable Change?

When external forces impose a change you don’t like, what do you do? Do you fight and resist it? Do you adapt to it? How about when things aren’t changing. Do you prepare for change? Do you practice how you’ll deal with its arrival? Are you open to all the possibilities change brings?

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Change for the Sake of Change

When talented athletes aren’t living up to expectations or previous accomplishments, many will suggest a change of scenery is needed. Sometimes the cure is simply removing the comfort zone. This is hardly limited to sports. Change is beneficial to anyone stuck in the same old routine for too long.

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