Visual Perception — Series Wrap Up And Key Ideas

For a couple of months now I’ve been running a series on visual perception and some of the design principles that arise from it. The series completed last week, but I wanted to offer something of a summary today to highlight what I think are the key points from the entire series.

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How To Make Visually Complex Information Easy To Understand

Our world is complex and it shouldn’t be a surprise that visually depicting a world of complex objects, systems, and processes leads to some rather complex graphics. Simplifying should be a first step, but sometimes all that complex information needs to remain. How can we help people understand our message despite its complexity?

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Using Graphics to Make Abstract Concepts Concrete

Visual information contributes greatly to thinking and cognition. Some concepts are difficult to communicate with words alone and so human beings sketch and draw. We create graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and timelines to help communicate complex ideas and make them more concrete.

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