Use The Efficient Power Of Emotional Design To Connect With Your Audience

Why do some designs evoke an emotional response where others don’t? Why is it that some designs make a connection with us and deliver meaning on a more personal level? Why do some sites wow us and quickly grab our attention and hold our interest? And perhaps most important, how do they do it?

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Communication — The Connection Between Graphic Design and Writing

Last week when sharing my thoughts on multipurposing I offered that you could become more productive by looking at the tasks you have to do differently and understanding how you could do one thing and have it serve multiple purposes. There’s another side to this concept.
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How Design Principles Help You Make Design Decisions

Is there a sequence to apply design principles when creating a composition? That’s the question Mita asked in a comment on a recent post. With so many things to consider, should we apply certain principles before others?
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Does The Language You Use Reveal Or Alter Your Thinking?

Language is the dress of thought

The quote above is from 18th century english writer, Samuel Johnson. It suggests that the style of our speech or writing indicates our way of thinking. It tells us that the specific words, phrases, and patterns of language we use, reveal how and what we think.
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