Increase Your Productivity With A Weekly Review

How do you decide what to work on next? Do you have a system for task management? Do you just do whatever you feel like in the moment? If you have a system do certain aspects of it help you more than others?

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Responsive Design — Beyond The Minimum

A few months ago I wrote an article about responsive design being easier than many people think. It was in reply to a comment on an earlier post disagreeing with my assertion that responsive sites take a similar amount of time to build as static sites. It was also a reply to all the people who suggest responsive design is too difficult and not worth the effort.

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So, Don’t Do That

Patient (lifting arm): Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: So, don’t do that.

Sometimes the answer when a solution isn’t working the way we’d like is to stop using it, think about what problem it was trying to solve, and then find another solution to the problem that does work.

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Grid Construction — How To Choose Constraints From Within Your Content

The benefits of using a grid are easy to see, but how do you build them? The divisions of unit, field, column, gutter, and row are based on something, but what? Where exactly does this something come from? That’s what Zell wanted to know when he asked similar questions in a comment a couple of weeks ago.

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Do HTML And CSS Limit Photoshop Creativity?

Image editors and front end code have a rocky relationship at times. What’s easy to do in one can be difficult to do in the other. For years designers have created mockups for websites in programs like Photoshop only to have developers tell them parts of the design either weren’t possible or would take too long to code.
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