Do HTML And CSS Limit Photoshop Creativity?

Image editors and front end code have a rocky relationship at times. What’s easy to do in one can be difficult to do in the other. For years designers have created mockups for websites in programs like Photoshop only to have developers tell them parts of the design either weren’t possible or would take too long to code.
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How To Choose The Right Grid

It’s easy enough to understand how grids are helpful in organizing your content. Not as easy is deciding what type of grid best suits your content and how to build it. Here’s how I made decisions about what grid to use for the redesign of this site.
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How Constraints, A Concept, And The Principle Of Unity Help You Make Design Decisions

As I’ve been talking about the decisions I’ve made for the redesign of this site, I’ve noticed myself using a few words over and over. Words like constraints and concept and unity. I’ve said things like one constraint leads to another and how concept leads design. I thought a post talking about each of these words and how they help in making design decisions would hopefully be interesting and helpful.
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