My Design Process — Deployment & Improving The Overall Process

The last couple of weeks I’ve been walking you through my current design process and trying to point out how it’s changed with the shift to responsive design. It starts by defining the problem and planning the solution before moveing into design and development. The last phase is deployment and moving everything to the client’s server. That’s where we’ll pick things up today.

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My Design Process — Design and Development (Prototypes as Deliverables)

Static design comps don’t deliver a complete picture of what’s happening on a website. While many still present comps as a design deliverable, others including myself, have moved to showing working prototypes to clients. This change is the most significant way my design process has changed.

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My Design Process —
Defining The Problem And Planning A Solution

My design process is always evolving. I make changes to improve efficiency and quality and I adapt the process as technologies for building websites improve, such as the industry shift toward responsive design the last couple of years.

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