An Introduction to CSS Custom Filters — Shader Basics

The last couple of weeks I’ve been walking through the css filter effect spec as best as I could. First was a look at named filter functions, which was followed by a look at filter primitives. There’s one last css filtering topic to cover and that’s custom filters or css shaders.

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CSS Filter Primitives — SVG Filters on HTML Elements

Last week I walked through the css named filter functions which are relatively easy to understand and use. However, they’re only one way to add css filter effects and the least powerful way at that. Today I want to look at filter primitives, one of the other and more powerful ways to add filters to images and elements.

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CSS Named Filter Effects — Non-Destructive Effects for Images and Elements

Like clipping and masking, filters have long been the domain of graphic editors. For example if you wanted to change the saturation of an image, you’d open an editor, make the changes, save the image, and be on your way. Before too long we’ll skip the graphic editor and filter our images through css alone.

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