Twas the Night Before…
Flat Design

Happy Holidays All.

A few years back, 2007 to be exact, Christmas Eve coincided with one of my regularly scheduled days for a blog post. Figuring not many people would be paying attention, I decided to have a little bit of fun with the holiday poem A Visit from St. Nocholas.
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How Does Flat Design Damage and Improve Usability?

As skeuomorphism falls out of favor and the trend towards flatter design takes hold are we losing something more than depth in the interfaces we design? Is it possible we’re making our sites less usable? Could it be that flat design is damaging to usability.

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What Will We Build on a Foundation of Flat Design?

Over the last few years web designers have been returning to fundamentals. Focus has shifted from skeuomorphic details like reflections to the basics of type, layout, and color. Much of this shift can be seen in the recent trend of flat design, which I think signals a new foundation for web designers. The question I want to address today is what will we build on top of that foundation?

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Swiss (International) Style Of Design: The Guiding Principles That Influence Flat Design

The last few weeks I’ve been looking at the industry shift to a flatter design aesthetic. First was a look at skeuomorphism and the reasons it exists before falling out of favor. Next was flat design starting with how it’s done wrong followed up with thoughts about why it’s creating a new foundation for design on the web.

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Flat Design As A New Foundation For The Web

The last couple of weeks I’ve been looking at the industry’s move from skeuomorphic detail to a flatter design aesthetic. I started by considering the useful, albeit temporary, metaphors skeuomorphism brings along with the inevitable reaction against it.

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