How We Limit Our Chances For Success, And How We Can Stop

Sometimes when we don’t succeed it’s because we prevented our success in advance. We convince ourselves that the things we might try will fail before we ever try them. We limit our chance of succeeding due to preconceived ideas that something won’t work.

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Why Following Your Passion Is The Best Path To Success

Follow your passion. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice before. It’s advice I strongly believe, but advice I also think gets misunderstood at times. I’ll talk about it specifically in the context of starting and running a business, but I think the idea of following your passions works across your entire life.
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Is It Smarter To Focus On Your Strengths Or Your Weaknesses?

We all have strengths and weaknesses and ideally we should consistently work to improve both. We should make areas of strength stronger and help eliminate areas of weakness. Is it more important to focus on one over the other, though?
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