Responsive Images Revisited—The Picture Element

Responsive images have some challenges beyond the best pixel density to display for a given screen. There are issues maintaining the correct aspect ratio and overall image hierarchy. There are also issues with important details being lost as an image gets much smaller than the original.

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Responsive Images Revisited—The Srcset Attribute

One of the main challenges with responsive design is how to handle images. It’s not that we don’t know what we want to do. It’s that the ability to do it has been lacking. Fortunately the situation is starting to change for the better.

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What I’d Tell My Younger Self About Learning HTML/CSS

It usually doesn’t take long to figure out that html and css are the first things to learn if you want to develop websites, but is there a best way to go about learning them? Do you simply memorize syntax and start developing websites or is there something more you can do to improve your learning?

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