The Five Elements Of Modular And Adaptive Content

When the word modular comes up in a conversation about web design, it’s usually in regards to the code. Object oriented programming on the backend, separating structure, presentation, and behavior on the front end, or perhaps the reuse of certain visual patterns like buttons across the site.
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Thoughts On Modular Design: Click Events And Depth Of Applicability

Last week when talking about css click events I asked whether or not we should use them. I suggested the answer lies in how they hold up to Javascript click events when it comes to maintainability and that the question was worthy of a deeper look. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how one might look deeper.
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Classes Vs. IDs And Descendent Selectors [Audio]

Umm…ahh…you know…well I survived my first audio post well enough to put together a second one, though I did have a acase of the…umms…this time around. In between the…ahhs…I talk about a discussion I caught a couple of weeks ago on the role of ids and descendent selectors in css.
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