SOLID Object Oriented Principles And CSS: Part 2

How should you define the abstraction in a class? What should the class do? What responsibilities should it have? When you want to add something new to the class, should you modify it or extend it? These are some of the questions SOLID principles attempt to answer.
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SOLID Object Oriented Principles And CSS: Part 1

One principle of object oriented design that I’ve been wanting to talk about is the single responsibility principle. It’s not an isolated principle, but rather one of five principles grouped under the acronym SOLID. Together these principles aim to help developers create systems that are maintainable and extendable.
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Can Object Oriented Principles Be Applied To Web Design?

When Nicole Sullivan coined the phrase object oriented css a lot of programmers reacted against it and understandably so. CSS is not an object oriented language. It’s not even a programming language. At the same time I can understand why Nicole chose the name.
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