SVG Patterns — Build More Complex Patterns With Images, Attributes, And Nesting

Patterns for web design elements are usually created with images. While some patterns can be created using CSS alone, most involve images of some kind. Fortunately SVG makes it easy to create simple and more complex patterns that can scale with your design and likely require fewer http requests.

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How To Work With SVG Patterns

Patterns are useful design elements. They can provide contrast, create a sense of depth, and add interest to a composition. SVG makes it easy to create and use patterns that are limited only by your imagination.

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How Design Patterns And Component Libraries Create Unity And Context

Earlier in the week I offered some thoughts about components, design patterns, and pattern libraries. In that post I shared some things about the house I grew up in and how it was built on the same plan as other houses in the neighborhood. I want to talk a little more about the neighborhood and how it created a context for each of the houses within.

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