Finding the Balance Between Craft and Automation

Which is more important for your design business, craftsmanship or automation? The former leads to greater quality in each site. The latter leads to a greater quantity of sites. Craftsmanship helps you sell individual projects, but automation helps you sell more projects. Which is more important?

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7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Confidence the Right Way

Much of success is simply persistence. The longer you do something and the harder you work at it, the better you get and the more opportunities you see. Persistence isn’t easy. It takes confidence in yourself to persist especially when you haven’t yet seen signs of success.

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How Working in a Browser Shapes Your Design

Over the weekend I was listening to an On The Grid podcast where the discussion revolved around today’s tools for designing websites. Matt, Andy, and Dan discussed how current tools aren’t working as well as they did a few years ago and speculated about what better tools might look like.

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So, Don’t Do That

Patient (lifting arm): Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: So, don’t do that.

Sometimes the answer when a solution isn’t working the way we’d like is to stop using it, think about what problem it was trying to solve, and then find another solution to the problem that does work.

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Learning To Solve Design Problems When They Have No Absolute Solution

When I first started learning about design I had a lot of questions. While I didn’t know the answers, I did hold expectations about what they would be like. For example, if I didn’t know how many columns a grid should have, I assumed my confusion arose from not knowing the right grid formula to apply. I was looking for the exact solution where no exact solution existed.

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