So, Don’t Do That

Patient (lifting arm): Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: So, don’t do that.

Sometimes the answer when a solution isn’t working the way we’d like is to stop using it, think about what problem it was trying to solve, and then find another solution to the problem that does work.

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Learning To Solve Design Problems When They Have No Absolute Solution

When I first started learning about design I had a lot of questions. While I didn’t know the answers, I did hold expectations about what they would be like. For example, if I didn’t know how many columns a grid should have, I assumed my confusion arose from not knowing the right grid formula to apply. I was looking for the exact solution where no exact solution existed.

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Why A Sense Of Purpose Motivates Better Work

Which contributes more to a fulfilled work life, money or a sense of purpose in what you do? Which motivates you to do better? While money is certainly important, feeling some kind of purpose in your work generally leads to a happier working environment and often a more profitable one as well.

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Why You Shouldn’t Evaluate Your Design Skills Through Comparison With Others

It’s natural to compare your skills and abilities to others who do the same kind of work as you. How helpful is it, though? Do you feel like a better designer after the comparison? Did the comparison help you learn something?

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Reminder: Google Reader Is Closing Its Doors

On Monday Googe Reader is going away. As someone who doesn’t use Google Reader to manage feeds this change won’t affect my reading habits, but as someone who runs a blog where 70% of you are using Google Reader in some form, I expect to be affected.

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