How To Organize Information for Early Visual Perception

Visual perception is a 2-direction process of information flow. Visual data at each end of the process interacts with and influences what happens at the other end. Understanding how the process works allows us to form design principles based on how we perceive our visual environment.

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This I Believe — Principles And Values That Guide Me

Inspired by the NPR program This I Believe, Avinash Kaushik published a post similarly titled, This I Believe: A Manifesto for a Magnificent Career, in which he shares some of the personal philosophies and core values that guide him.

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3 Types Of Rhythm You Can Create Visually

As soon as you place more than one element on the page you create a pattern and pattern is the seed of rhythm. Whether or not you plan for it, your design will have rhythm running through it. Rhythm activates space. Rhythm creates mood. Rhythm can lead visitors through your design.
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