Responsive Design Signals A Much Larger Change

Responsive design is by definition a handful of techniques you can use to develop layouts that adapt to the device and conditions used to access your site. I think it’s much more than its literal definition, though.

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The Golden Section Revisited — Magic Or Myth?

The golden section is commonly found in nature and has been used since antiquity in both art and architecture. Or has it? It depends who you ask. You can find information suggesting it’s the most magical ratio in the universe or that it’s complete nonsense. Which is it? Perhaps, as is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between.

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Rhythm And Proportion In Grids And Type

Last week I offered some thoughts about rhythm, specifically the rhythm of visual elements. Those thoughts were focused more on the theory. Today I want to lean more toward the practical side and talk about aspects of design we work with regularly and how we can add rhythm to our work through them.
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