What Does It Really Mean To Design In The Browser?

What does it mean to design in the browser? You often hear the phrase connected to responsive design and I’ve talked about it myself a few times. What does it really mean though, and why do you see so many people push back against the idea of designing in a browser?

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My Design Process — Design and Development (Prototypes as Deliverables)

Static design comps don’t deliver a complete picture of what’s happening on a website. While many still present comps as a design deliverable, others including myself, have moved to showing working prototypes to clients. This change is the most significant way my design process has changed.

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Style Guide To Prototype — Design Iteration In The Browser

When it’s time to create the initial visuals for a design, how do you proceed? Do you sketch? Do you wireframe? Jump right into Photoshop to begin a complete design comp? For the redesign of this site I tried something a little different.
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