Goals, Constraints, And Concept In A Redesign

Last week I walked through some of my thinking about why it was time to redesign this site as well as the business goals that helped shape the redesign. Today I want to talk about the goals and constraints I set for the design itself and then offer some thoughts about the aesthetic concept for the design.
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The Thought Process That Shaped This Design

Now that the new design has been live a couple of weeks I want to begin sharing the thought process behind it. While there are plenty of articles online showing you how to code this or that, there’s not enough where designers share why they made decisions.
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This Redesign Isn’t Finished

One of the goals I set at the start of the year was to redesign this site. It took longer than expected (a case of the cobbler’s kids among other things), but I finally managed to switch to a new design. If you normally read these posts in a feedreader of some kind, today might be the day to click through to the site to see the new look.
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