My 2014 Goals—Always Keep Your Hands Busy

Happy Holidays everyone. As has become my custom, the last post I publish each year takes a look back at the goals I set for that year and whether or not I succeeded in accomplishing them. I give myself a grade and reflect on each goal to learn what I can before setting goals for the coming year.

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“Type on Screen” Review

Earlier in the year I was offered a review copy of Ellen Lupton’s new book, “Type on Screen.” My immediate response was yes, send me a copy. Ellen’s earlier book “Thinking with Type” is one of my favorite books about typography so why wouldn’t I want more?

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Review Of The New Mobile Book From Smashing Magazine

Do you understand today’s mobile landscape? How about the landscape of tomorrow? Are you comfortable building and optimizing responsive sites? Do you have a process in place that communicates to clients the dynamic nature of your design? And finally do you know how to take advantage of the touch interfaces found on most mobile devices?
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