How Do You Define Success?

What is success and how do you define it? Who gets to define it? Is there a single definition to what it means to be successful? Those are some of the questions I’d like to talk about today.

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There Are Only 3 Things You Absolutely Must Have

You’ve no doubt come across articles telling you there’s something you must do or need to do if you want to be successful. I’ve written a few myself. The truth is there’s very little in life you must do. There are plenty of things you could and maybe should do to help you achieve success, but must or need? Not so much.

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How We Limit Our Chances For Success, And How We Can Stop

Sometimes when we don’t succeed it’s because we prevented our success in advance. We convince ourselves that the things we might try will fail before we ever try them. We limit our chance of succeeding due to preconceived ideas that something won’t work.

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