How Working in a Browser Shapes Your Design

Over the weekend I was listening to an On The Grid podcast where the discussion revolved around today’s tools for designing websites. Matt, Andy, and Dan discussed how current tools aren’t working as well as they did a few years ago and speculated about what better tools might look like.

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HSL Color Tool Now On GitHub

A little over a month ago I built a simple color tool to help myself learn a little more about color. I was specifically looking to understand the relationship between the hue, saturation, and lightness values that I read about and the rgb and hex values we typically use in css.

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A Simple Color Tool Built For Learning [Screencast]

As I’ve said on a few occasions, I don’t consider color one of my strengths as a designer…yet. It’s one of the reasons I set studying color as a goal for this year. On Monday I began sharing my new exploration of color and I mentioned working on a color tool to help me. I also said I would show it to you today.

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