The Connection Between Aesthetics And Usability

A few weeks ago I was reading the article Apple Turns Technology into Art by Ben Bajarin. For those of you not familiar with Ben, he’s an industry analyst who covers consumer products. The article talks about Apple’s products and how their visual appeal helps customer form an emotional connection with them.

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How Important Is To Have Always Visible Navigation?

Site navigation is typically among the first things you think about when designing a website. Once you know what content the site will contain you start thinking how to organize that content and you also think how to provide access to it through the site’s navigation.

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How Does Flat Design Damage and Improve Usability?

As skeuomorphism falls out of favor and the trend towards flatter design takes hold are we losing something more than depth in the interfaces we design? Is it possible we’re making our sites less usable? Could it be that flat design is damaging to usability.

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