What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Creativity

Many creative people feel a certain back and forth with their creative output. Some days we’re happy with the process and the results of our work. Other times we can’t stand either the work or the result.

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Communication — The Connection Between Graphic Design and Writing

Last week when sharing my thoughts on multipurposing I offered that you could become more productive by looking at the tasks you have to do differently and understanding how you could do one thing and have it serve multiple purposes. There’s another side to this concept.
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Thoughts On The Value Of Guest Posting

The last few weeks I’ve been writing a lot for sites other than this one. I’ve also been getting offers to write for even more. There’s only so much writing any person can do and you have to figure out which sites to say yes or no to. There’s a value to guest posting that can help you determine when it’s worth the effort.
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