This Week In SEO – 3/2/07

Social Media

Social media dominates the links this week, with Digg leading the way as you might expect.

Early in the week the news was about Digg lifting bans on some previously banned domains, which obviously welcomed news. Later the week saw stories about diggers burying stories in a somewhat manipulative fashion. And finally an article from Wired News about how easy it is to buy diggs and get your content on the front page.
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This Week In SEO – 2/23/07

My list of links to articles on SEO seemed to go over well last week so why not try again. Here’s the second installment of ‘This Week In SEO.” Hope you like.
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This Week In SEO – 2/16/07

I come across a lot of good articles each week that I never get to mention, so I thought I’d join some of the other bloggers in the seo community and offer a few links. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past, because I imagine you’ll already have seen some of these, but I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes.
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