Father Knows Best When It Comes To Links – This Month In SEO – 6/08

Last month we celebrated moms here at This Month In SEO so is it any surprise that dads get the dedication for the month of June? Sure I could have dedicated this post to the change in seasons, but we have two parents and it only seemed fair to give each a post. Hopefully you had a chance to celebrate with dad a few weeks ago or had everyone celebrate with you if you happen to be the dad in the in the family. Either way this post is for fathers everywhere.
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Links Only Your Mother Could Love – This Month In SEO – 5/08

Who to honor This Month In SEO? Two worthy candidates exist for the dedication of May’s roundup post. Fallen veterans who we honored just a few days ago on Memorial Day and moms who we celebrated a few weeks back. Got to support the troops for all they do, but no way I can ignore Mom. Something tells me I’ll be hearing from her much sooner and more often. So moms everywhere, this month’s post is especially for you.
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Don't Be Fooled By April's Links – This Month In SEO 4/08

The first This Month In SEO on the new site. Does it feel any different? The post should look familiar, but the title is new. Some constructive criticism from Lyndon Antcliff after last month’s post is responsible for the change.
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This Month In SEO – 3/08

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it. The lion is gone and the lamb is arriving. And the best new of all for me is baseball is finally here. This month’s post is dedicated to the national past time. Back when This Month In SEO was a weekly the title of the series derived from the old Mel Allen show with the game’s highlights so how could this post be for anything other than the greatest game ever invented. I admit it. I’m a seamhead. I’ll live and die with the sport right up through the dog days of summer and to the end of the Fall Classic.

But we’re not all here for baseball are we? How about some links to a collection of the best posts from the month that was. As always more can be found via my profiles at del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. Now on with the show.
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This Month In SEO – 2/08

I could have sworn we should have been here yesterday. Isn’t it 28 days in February? What’s that? Leap year? Oh yeah the extra day we get every few years. 29 days may still a shorter month, but there was no shortage of links This Month In SEO. Football ended as the month began and baseball is starting as the month heads out. Spring is almost here, but spring training has begun. Still it’s only fitting to dedicate this post to all the people who are born on this day and have to figure out when to celebrate their birthday the next three years. Happy birthday to all the leap babies of the world. This post is dedicated to you.
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