This Week In SEO – 9/28/07

Danny Sullivan turned 42 this week, the same age as me I might add, and Google turned 9. Matt provides Google’s horoscope for the coming months based on their September 27th birth date. Any other week either would be enough for this post’s dedication. But not this weekend. This Week In SEO takes its name from the popular Mel Allen show “This Week In Baseball,” and given this is the last weekend of the regular season, baseball gets the dedication. In particular the National League where 15 games over the next three days will determine the October fate of 7 teams.

As always there’s plenty to get to and more at my profile. Now on with the show.
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This Week In SEO – 9/21/07

Autumn, OJ, Barry Bonds? Who should we dedicate This Week In SEO to today? How about Google? Seems fitting, especially as their stock price reached a new high earlier today, closing over $560 a share. Seeing your stock multiply more than six fold in two years? Priceless. Literally. And certainly better than dedicating anything to OJ. Guess we’ll have another trial to watch just as the new tv season is getting underway. Must see tv returns. As always plenty of posts to get to and more at my profile. Now on with the show.
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This Week In SEO – 9/14/07

Why not dedicate This Week In SEO to someone in the industry who’s given quite a lot to the community and whose posts are often featured here. A few days ago Aaron Wall took off to get married (or to have a real ceremony as I think Aaron already tied the knot) and have a month+ long honeymoon. He may or may not be posting again until he returns in late October. Congrats Aaron. The SEO community will miss you, but we’re also happy for you and we’ll be awaiting your return. Now on with the show.
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This Week In SEO – 9/7/07

The beginning of the week marked the unofficial end to summer, but let’s dedicate this week to football as the NFL started its regular season last night. Peyton and the Colts looked very good, but I’m not counting the Saints out. Last night could be foreshadowing of the Super Bowl. Then again so could the Chicago/San Diego game on Sunday. Of course in the NFL any of several teams could end up playing in the big game. Football on Sunday, but Friday is all about This Week In SEO. Plenty of links to get to and as always you can find more via my profile. On with the show.
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This Week In SEO – 8/31/07

It’s the Labor Day weekend edition of This Week In SEO. We’ll be celebrating with a barbecue on Monday as is the tradition. Oddly I’ve worked most Labor Days in my life even though the day is meant to celebrate employment by giving everyone a day off. I have a hunch this year will be no different and Monday will find me at work. Maybe I’ll make it a light day. Everyone was back to their usual posting routine after returning from SES, which meant more links for me to collect, more time to finish this post (my apologies for posting a little later than usual), and more links, nearly two pages worth, that didn’t make it here, but ended up at my profile. Now on with the show that is SEO.
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