This Week In SEO – 7/20/07

Today’s This Week In SEO post is dedicated to my friend ‘H’ who’s celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday ‘H’ As always there’s a lot to get to, but first a reminder that not every post that catches my attention makes it here each Friday. This post might go on forever if it did instead of just seeming like it goes on forever. If for some reason you want even more links check out my profile on You can find some of the links I didn’t get in here and some articles from weeks prior to this one that either just now found their way in front of me or I finally remembered to bookmark. Ok, ready for the posts from the week that was? I know I am.
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This Week In SEO – 7/13/07

Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of This Week In SEO. I promise the following links are not unlucky and nothing bad will happen if you click on them. It’s just a day like any other. Just six days ago we had what’s supposed to be the luckiest day of the century (07/07/07) and here we are cursed with what some think is the unluckiest day of the year. Hopefully it’s not unlucky for you and you agree I collected some interesting links for your reading pleasure. If you’re superstitious just do what you can to make it through the day and relax. You have 11 more months before another Friday the 13th is upon us.
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This Week In SEO – 7/6/07

Here in the U.S. it felt like two short weeks this week. The 4th of July holiday tossed a pseudo Sunday into the middle of things. News was slow only for the day though, so it wasn’t too hard to find pages to link to. I think I could have done a single post on Google news this week had I wanted. Instead it’s the usual assortment of characters and links for your enjoyment. And let’s all celebrate the release of reporter Alan Johnston from captivity. Alan we’re glad you’re back.

Now on with the show.
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This Week In SEO – 6/29/07

I’m back in the swing again after last week’s family visit. I’ve added a few new feeds to my reader and a couple make their debut appearance this week. I’m continuing to work organizing the feeds for the new Design and Development sections so for now the section remains on the light side. I’m also mulling over some ideas for how to better organize the SEO links and I’ve dropped the miscellany tag from the section. But enough about me. What you want is the news and the links. And as usual I’m here to provide both.
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This Week In SEO – 6/22/07

My apologies for a slower than usual posting week. As I mentioned last Friday I had family in town this week and only worked part time. I skipped a couple of posts in order to spend more time collecting stories for today. This week sees the debut of a new category for design and development. I’ve gotten away from posting about both over the last few months and would like to bring back more posts related to design and development issues. Now on with the show.
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