This Week In SEO – 3/2/07

Social Media

Social media dominates the links this week, with Digg leading the way as you might expect.

Early in the week the news was about Digg lifting bans on some previously banned domains, which obviously welcomed news. Later the week saw stories about diggers burying stories in a somewhat manipulative fashion. And finally an article from Wired News about how easy it is to buy diggs and get your content on the front page.

Interestingly the last two links have sort of mutually exclusive solutions to two different problems. Danny Sullivan argues that if Digg were more open with who buries stories and for what reason the problem of the bury brigades would become obvious and consequently make it more difficult for them to exist. In the last article the company buying diggs argues that if Digg were to hide who is digging what it would make it impossible for them to run their service since they would have no way of knowing if the diggers they were paying were actually digging pages.

Social Media isn”t all about Digg. The first link below will take you to the Rush Hour podcast on StumbleUpon from Pronet Advertising. I’ll be honest in letting you know I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ve been saving it for the weekend, but I have no doubt it will be worth listening to. Next Garret French tells us why we should be marketing through StumbleUpon and how to get the best out of SU.

Last, but not least is Rhea Drysdale’s article on networking. While technically it’s not all about online social media services Rhea does include social media in a few of her tips and the article as a whole is about social networking both online and offline. It seemed appropriate to include here and it’s a good article.

Blogging and Branding

I did a little writing of my own about blogging this week when I asked if there was an optimal post length for blogs, which includes a discussion of the 34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog. I certainly wasn’t alone writing about blogging.

Lorelle compiled a great list of plugins to help monetize your WordPress blog. From AdSense to shopping carts you’ll find a plugin here. Graywolf brought up the issue of when to post and there are a few tips in the post and the comments to help get a jump on your competition when it comes to being first with news. as part of his series on building a sticky blog, Brian Clark gives us some advice on making our blogs stand apart from the others in our industry. And finally Rand has some ideas to prevent corporate blogs from failing.


One reason to blog is to help promote your brand. While not specifically about blogging the following links both talk about extending and protecting your brand beyond your site. Brian Cooper, in an article for Search Engine Guide, advocates article writing as a part of a branding strategy. Neil Patel gives us gives us some quick tips about spreading your brand by using consistent usernames and avatars with social media sites. And while you’re working to establish and promote your brand some will be trying to tear it down. Brian Provost guides us into the ever increasing importance of reputation management.

Link Building

We all want links and we all want to know how to get more of them. Debra Mastaler tells us to get passionate about link building and then Andy Hagans talks about how you’ll get the most link building ROI by linkbatiing. Next are a few articles on how to get bloggers to notice you and link to you. Barry Schwartz shows some stats of a recent link building campaign through Digg and the trickle down effect to some other social media sites. And today Rand posted about how search engines view links and how a link to one page of your site can help the other pages of your site as well.

SEO Miscellany

For lack of a better way to organize the following links I’ll call them seo miscellany. Each focuses on different aspects of seo. First Lisa Barone has some tips on building a sitemap that is both search friendly and people friendly. Stony deGeyter offers some perspective about how much a top ranking is really worth. And if you want to know how to build a list of keywords to get those top rankings, Barry has pulled information from a Crea8asite thread and compiled a list of what you should look for.

Aaron Wall has an interesting post on how Google might be using all of us to help them edit their results by determining which sites to trust more. Check out the feedback loop Google has. Last, but not least are two interviews with Matt Cutts by Gord Hotchkiss. Actually it’s just one interview presented in two different ways in two different places. The first is the full transcript on Gord’s site and the second is most of that same interview on Search Engine Land with some additional thoughts and comments from Gord mixed in with Matt’s answers.

Search Engine News

AdWords Improvements
The big news from AdWords this week is how Google will now be letting advertisers see where their ads are appearing in the publisher network. The new transparency will enable advertisers to filter out sites where they don’t want their ads to appear more easily. Irish Wonder speculates at syndk8 that this could lead to an end for many MFA sites which will need to offer more content to survive.

That wasn’t the only change at Google, though. The AdWords editor has a new version and talk is now circulating about the recent addition of the quality score column and the changes to the quality score algorithm.

YouTube Rising in SERPs
The recent decision by WikiPedia to nofollow their links seems to be dropping the Pedia in the SERPs. Taking it’s place is content from YouTube which appears to be on the rise. Google is also experimenting with adding videos in a plus box. When available click the + sign and get a video related to your search. Video is truly arriving as a form of online marketing.

Yahoo Panama
Google isn’t the only PPC engine. People are still learning how the new Yahoo Panama system is working. The reviews of the new system have mostly been positive in what is clearly an upgrade over the previous PPC system at Yahoo.

More From Yahoo
Yahoo was also in the news for disparaging Google when it comes to usability and changing the name of Yahoo Search Submit Express. Loren Baker proves the value of local search at Yahoo and urges local businesses to start getting your customers to review your business. You can read about Loren’s experience in choosing a Thai restaurant and see how the reviews helped him make the decision about where to eat.

MSN Live Search
Of course Google and Yahoo aren’t the only major search engines even if it sometimes seems that way. Bill Slawski walks us through a Microsoft patent that probably won’t win many friends for MSN

That’ll wrap up another week and give you plenty to read over the weekend. Since the comments so far have been positive I’ll keep going with the ‘This Week In SEO’ posts. If you like the content I collect add me to your network at to see some of the pages I’ve bookmarked there.

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