Forums: The Forgotten Social Media

They aren’t sexy, they seem ancient in web years, and they don’t get talked about as much as they once were, yet forums are still one of the best sources of quality traffic. Done right they bring consistent traffic month after month, traffic that does stick around and subscribe to your blog and inquire about your services.
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Why Moving To A New Domain Makes Sense

In my last post welcoming you to the new site James asked a question in the comments.

Was curious though, as why you chose to redesign the site and move the domain, looking forward to hearing your post about everything.

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Welcome to Van SEO Design

Hopefully I’ve done a good job and made a smooth transition and you’ve found your way to the new site safe and sound. As you can see a lot has changed from the old site so feel free to look around and make yourself at home.
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Update On Domain Move

Thought I’d give you all an update on the domain move. I think I’ll have everything done by tomorrow, but I’ll likely hold off on moving till sometime late in the day or evening on Friday. Things should be a little slower over the weekend and moving will probably be a little less disruptive at that time. While I’m doing what I can to ensure a smooth move I assume I’ll break a few things along the way and hopefully the weekend will allow some time to sort out the most major of breaks.
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Moving To A New Domain In A Few Days

Some of you know I’ve been planning on moving this entire site to a new domain for a little while. Ok, longer than a little while. I’ve been working on a new site for a few months and I think this will be the week where the move finally happens. Let me emphasize the word think in the previous sentence. It’s possible something will come up (those pesky clients) to keep me from the last few details or I’ll discover something that needs to be done that I haven’t thought about. I’m pretty sure though, that sometime later this week everything you see here now will be sitting somewhere else.
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