100+ Free Web Design Tools And Resources

A couple months ago I pointed you to a list of 100 free css resources that Rich McIver had sent me. Rich sent me another list not too long after with 100 free web design resources. I’m finally getting a chance to link to it and once again there’s a lot to like.

This time the links are grouped into six categories.

  • The Best Directories of Free Open Source Web Design Templates
  • Open Source Web Design Programs
  • Complete Web Design Templates
  • CSS Layouts
  • Automated CSS Tools and Generators
  • Blog Themes and Templates

You’ll find links to well known template sites like Open Source Web Design (OSWD) and editors like Nvu as well as many more less known template, layout and tools sites. As with the free css list you’ll likely find something new and useful.

Of course no list is ever complete. I thought I’d point out Adam’s Search Engine Friendly Layouts as another great resource for site layouts.

I’ve also written a few short web development tutorials

And for fun here’s my favorite site for understanding the basics of web design. Ben Hunt’s Web Design From Scratch is billed as your complete guide to web design and it comes as close as any to living up to that billing. I revisit the site a couple times a year and read through everything within as a refresher and each time I walk away feeling like a better designer. I promise if you spend a few days reading through the site your understanding of web design will improve.

There are 100 free web design resources from Rich and a few more by and from me.

What are your favorite web design resources? Are there any web design tools or resources you can’t find, but wish existed?

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.

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