Good Design Is Subjective

How does one arrive at a design solution? Is design the inevitable conclusion of applying objective principles to a problem or is it the end result of more subjective decision-making? Something in-between perhaps?

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The Connection Between Aesthetics And Usability

A few weeks ago I was reading the article Apple Turns Technology into Art by Ben Bajarin. For those of you not familiar with Ben, he’s an industry analyst who covers consumer products. The article talks about Apple’s products and how their visual appeal helps customer form an emotional connection with them.

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Keeping Up With Technology And Learning New Subjects

It’s been a few years, but I can still remember when I first started teaching myself how to build websites and how much I needed to learn. The obvious first step was learning html, which I was somewhat familiar with already. After that I had no idea where to turn next.

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Designing Unknown Content In 2 Dimensions

Earlier in the week I was talking about relative measurements like root em (rem) and the different viewport measurements (vw, vh, vmin, vmax). It reminded me of some things I’ve been thinking about in regards to designing for unknown content and some of the differences in designing for print and the web.

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Design Fundamentals: Download Your Free Sample From The Book

When I released my book Design Fundamentals a few months back, quite a few of you suggested I should offer a free sample. It was a good idea and a complete oversight on my part for not having offered one initially.

I’m correcting that today.
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