Design Fundamentals: Download Your Free Sample From The Book

When I released my book Design Fundamentals a few months back, quite a few of you suggested I should offer a free sample. It was a good idea and a complete oversight on my part for not having offered one initially.

I’m correcting that today.
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How Design Patterns And Component Libraries Create Unity And Context

Earlier in the week I offered some thoughts about components, design patterns, and pattern libraries. In that post I shared some things about the house I grew up in and how it was built on the same plan as other houses in the neighborhood. I want to talk a little more about the neighborhood and how it created a context for each of the houses within.

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Components, Design Patterns, and Creative Solutions To Custom Problems

I grew up in a house on suburban Long Island. The house was in the middle of a neighborhood where all the houses were built on the same plan. They were all built from the same design pattern.

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Thoughts For The Future Of Responsive Images

What’s the best way to approach responsive images? Is there a best size image to use? A best resolution? How about a best format? We have so many things to think about when it comes to images and responsive design. I’d like to offer a few other things to think about that ideally make answering many of the questions we now ask easier.

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Responsive Images — Solutions To Our Problems

When it comes to all the different responsive image solutions out there, I have to admit I find myself generally confused about what they are and which one I might use. It seems like every other day someone posts a new solution to cure our responsive image issues.

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