Developing An Eye For Color Through Exercise

While I can’t proclaim to have read through dozens of books about color, the few I have read, all mention different exercises you can do to practice working with color and develop a better eye for it.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Design With A Grid

What’s the big deal about designing with a grid and why should we use them? Do we need to use them? What benefits do grids add to a design?

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The Line Between Inspired By And Copied From And How To Stay On Its Right Side

As an artist you are only a link in a chain, and whatever you find or whatever you do not find, you can find comfort in it.

We all draw inspiration from the works of others. At the same time we want to stay away from outright copying those works. Sometimes without intention we cross into the latter. How can we avoid copying, while still taking something from the designs that inspire us?

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Develop Better Color Palettes Using Different Aspects Of Color

When we think about the meaning of color, we sometimes think only of what one particular hue communicates. Red is impulsive, blue is calm, purple is luxurious. While individual colors do communicate certain feelings, thinking about them in combination can communicate more.

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A Simple Color Tool Built For Learning [Screencast]

As I’ve said on a few occasions, I don’t consider color one of my strengths as a designer…yet. It’s one of the reasons I set studying color as a goal for this year. On Monday I began sharing my new exploration of color and I mentioned working on a color tool to help me. I also said I would show it to you today.

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