Priming Your Audience To Do What You Want

When someone is on your product page is it only that page that persuades them to buy? Might the pages leading up to that product page also contribute to their decision? Could a single word on your home page or the color choice of your navigation bar have subtly influenced that person to add your product to their shopping cart? The answers lie in concept known as priming.
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How I Structure Site Content

For the last few weeks we’ve been looking at information architecture. First with 8 principles of usability and then with some thoughts about setting up your site structure so search engines could find and understand your content. When I started I promised I would offer my own process for setting up the content structure on a site.
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Are You An Ethical Designer?

Would you take on a client who’s business was ethically appalling to you? How far will you stretch the truth to help a client sell their products or services? When taking inspiration from another site for one you’re designing how much of that other site gets incorporated into your design and how close does your site come to copyright infringement?
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Will Mobile Apps Put You Out Of Work?

In August Chris Andersen and Michael Wolf wrote an article for Wired Magazine under the title, The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet. The article talks about how the internet is moving away from the wide open web as viewed through a browser and toward a semi-closed web viewed through apps.
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Why You Need Design

Last week Paul Scrivens (aka. Scrivs of Drawar fame) posted We Do Not Need You To Design Anymore, in which he asks if web designers are still needed and what value we add over cheap and generic logos and themes.

I think Paul’s main reason for writing the post is to get web designers to think about the question so we can provide reasons why we are still needed and valuable and that’s where this post comes in.
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