Take Your Web Design Skills From Amateur To Professional

When I first set out to design websites I was a bit lost. I entered the field from the development side and didn’t have a formal design degree. While I’ve always trusted my eye to tell me what was good and what wasn’t, my eye often told me my early designs fell more into the wasn’t category than the was.

When I talk to others first embarking on a web design career, I get the feeling my experience isn’t so unique. The good news is a few basic principles of design can dramatically improve your skills and help take your designs from amateur to professional.
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What Do You Want To See In A WordPress Theme?

As some of you know I’m developing a WordPress theme as an entry point into the premium theme market. I’ve talked a few times in the past about changing my business model and this is one step in that direction.

While I have many of my own ideas on what makes for a good theme, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I asked you as well. So what do you want from a WordPress theme?
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Design Evolution: From Conception To Finished Site

Van SEO Design

How does a website evolve from a concept into a finished design? Where does the concept come from? What steps take place along the way to turn a blank piece of paper into a fully functioning website? To answer these questions I thought it might be fun to give you a visual tour of my own design process in creating this site.
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Make WordPress Faster With Some Simple Coding Tweaks

WordPress is a great blogging platform in part due to the active developer community creating plugins to extend the functionality of the basic application. If you’re like me you’ve added quite a few. Over time all those plugins can seriously slow down your blog, but there’s some relatively simple coding you can do to help shave precious seconds off the download times of your pages.
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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Web Host

Holding hands with fingers crossed
Photo by Katie Tegtmeyer

Is your partner treating you poorly? Is the connection you once had no longer there. Does your partner let you know what’s wrong in the relationship or is the communication gone? Do you see your relationship going anywhere? Does it still have room to grow? Has the trust between you broken down to the point where you know it’s over? If your answer to the previous questions is yes then it’s time to break up with your web host.
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