Gestalt Principles: How Are Your Designs Perceived?

When your first impression of a design is positive, when you instinctively see the design as being good, it’s likely because one or more Gestalt principles of perception are at play. When you look at a design and admire one or two of it’s parts, it’s likely because those parts are adhering to one or more Gestalt principles.
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Unity In Design: Creating Harmony Between Design Elements

A house divided against itself cannot stand
Abraham Lincoln

The house Lincoln was referring to was the United States of America shortly before the Civil War. As Lincoln put it, the country was half slave and half free. Two very different messages about what the country stood for. Lincoln further said about the country

It will become all one thing or all the other.

We know now which “all” the country did become and I hope we all agree the U.S. became the right “all.”

Lincoln’s point reaches beyond the socio-political climate of the time. A house, the United States, a design can not stand when divided. Every part must be working toward the same unified goal.

In design working toward the same unified goal is the idea of unity.
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The 7 Components Of Design

Before solving complex design problems you need to understand the basic components of design at your disposal. Much as a musician seeks to understand pitch and rhythm, melody and tempo, a designer should seek a greater understanding and control over:

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How To Design An Effective Home Page

Home page design can be challenging for some. Should they look the same as the other pages of your site? What content should you include? What exactly is the goal of your home page? With all the different ways someone might enter your site is the idea of a home page even relevant any more?
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Visual Hierarchy: How Well Does Your Design Communicate?

The goal of visual design is to communicate. How you organize and prioritize your elements conveys valuable information about their relative importance. Visual hierarchy aids comprehension, reinforces your message, and guides your visitor through your story.
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