How To Use Space In Design

…there’s gotta be enough space in there (between notes) so that the sound will work in an air space. That’s what makes the music work.
Frank Zappa

Without space there is no music. Try to imagine every note playing at the same time or being played so quickly that there’s no distinction between one note and the next. You wouldn’t have music. You’d have a solid wall of noise. As Zappa said, “There’s gotta be enough space in there.” You have to leave room for the sounds to be distinguished from each other, to be heard for what they are.
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Do You Know Why It’s Important To Understand Design Principles?

You’ve probably noticed all the posts here on design principles over the last year or so. Some of you have let me know you’ve been enjoying them and if I haven’t thanked you directly let me thank you here and now.

I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain why I started writing these posts and why I think design principles are important even vital for web designers to learn and understand how to use.
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Progressive Disclosure: Presenting Information On A Need To Know Basis

Every journey begins with a small step on a road mostly unseen

Do you sometimes struggle with how many links to include in the main navigation of a fairly large site? Maybe the issue is where the secondary navigation will be located in your design. How about sidebars? Are you able to find the balance between all the things you want to include without overwhelming the space and your visitors?
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The Framing Effect: Influence Your Audience By Setting The Context

Is the glass half full or half empty? How does seeing it one way frame everything else you later decide about both glass and water? Would seeing it the other way change your view?
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Are In-Content Links Destroying Our Ability To Think?

Nicholas Carr has written a very interesting article in this month’s Wired Magazine that I think all web designers should read. The article is also online, though I’ll hold off linking to it for a moment for reasons that will become clear as you read through this post. I’ll also be keeping this post free from images and other media for reasons which again will become clear as you read through this post.
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