Usability And Convention

It seems my latest post on usability was well timed. Ok usability isn’t exactly new, but earlier in the same day Jakob Nielsen released his latest Alertbox column on avoiding within-page links. I think some his rationale emphasizes points I made in that post and figured the topic was worth a revisit.

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Web Design Usability

Far too many people equate flashy graphics with web design. While graphics are important to good web design, usability is more important.

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Choosing Colors For Your Website

One of the earlier decisions you’re likely to make when designing your site is what colors to use. If you already have an existing logo the decision becomes easier as you’ll probably want to match the colors in the logo. But what if you don’t have an existing logo or the site is not going to use the colors in the current company logo?

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The Importance of Web Design

A study by researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa show that first impressions count in website design. They showed that people form opinions about the look of your website in 1/20th of a second. The aesthetic of your design is thus an important factor in the success of your website and online business.

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Designing with C.R.A.P.

How do you decide where to place elements on the page? What colors should you use? How do you get people to notice your content. Believe it or not the answer resides in C.R.A.P.

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity. These basic elements of design can be found everywhere design is present. By following these four basic princiapls your designs will improve immeasurably and immediately.
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