Make WordPress Faster With Some Simple Coding Tweaks

WordPress is a great blogging platform in part due to the active developer community creating plugins to extend the functionality of the basic application. If you’re like me you’ve added quite a few. Over time all those plugins can seriously slow down your blog, but there’s some relatively simple coding you can do to help shave precious seconds off the download times of your pages.
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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Web Host

Holding hands with fingers crossed
Photo by Katie Tegtmeyer

Is your partner treating you poorly? Is the connection you once had no longer there. Does your partner let you know what’s wrong in the relationship or is the communication gone? Do you see your relationship going anywhere? Does it still have room to grow? Has the trust between you broken down to the point where you know it’s over? If your answer to the previous questions is yes then it’s time to break up with your web host.
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Help Your Viewers Help Themselves: Usability Tips

The following guest post is from Randall McCarley of 14th Colony

With Steven on vacation I thought I’d take advantage of this chance to conquer his website!

Or at least contribute a post.
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How to Design your Posts to Guarantee they get Read

Of all the edges I know of, embracing amazing design is the easiest, the fastest and the one with the most assured return on investment.
Seth Godin Free Prize Inside

Looks matter. We don’t always want to face it, but it’s true. People will make judgments about the quality inside based on looks alone. A pretty package gets more attention every time. So how can you make your posts more attractive to help guarantee they get read?
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100+ Free Web Design Tools And Resources

A couple months ago I pointed you to a list of 100 free css resources that Rich McIver had sent me. Rich sent me another list not too long after with 100 free web design resources. I’m finally getting a chance to link to it and once again there’s a lot to like.
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