Twas the Night Before…
Flat Design

Happy Holidays All.

A few years back, 2007 to be exact, Christmas Eve coincided with one of my regularly scheduled days for a blog post. Figuring not many people would be paying attention, I decided to have a little bit of fun with the holiday poem A Visit from St. Nocholas.
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Learn More About Color By Working In Grayscale

Do you find color difficult to work with? Do you have trouble combining colors in a color scheme? Would you believe me if I told you one way to learn to work with color is to remove the color information?

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Thoughts About HTML5 Structural Elements

Do you use the new HTML5 structural elements like header, aside, article, and footer? If so, do you do use them because of the added semantics they carry?

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The Effect Of Luminance and Contrast Ratio On Accessibility

You know it’s important to contrast text with it’s background. Black text on a white background offers the most contrast. Light gray text on a light gray background, not so much. What exactly are you contrasting and how do you know when the contrast is enough?

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Your Design Skills Could Lift Humanity To New Heights

If we all have the capability to solve problems, to communicate to others, and to make decisions toward a goal, it seems we all have the ability to design. What then, does it mean to be a designer?

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