What Do You Want To See In A WordPress Theme?

As some of you know I’m developing a WordPress theme as an entry point into the premium theme market. I’ve talked a few times in the past about changing my business model and this is one step in that direction.

While I have many of my own ideas on what makes for a good theme, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I asked you as well. So what do you want from a WordPress theme?

What I Think Makes For A Good Theme

When I ask the question, by far the most common response is a good design, with an emphasis on aesthetics. I agree it’s important, but I think there are more important things that go into a good theme.

One of the cons of free themes is that after awhile you start to see the same themes over and over again. The situation is mitigated to an extent with premium themes since the price keeps some away, but even with premium themes it’s not uncommon to see the same theme on different blogs.

I think ease of customization is one of the most important features any theme can have. One way to achieve that is through separation of presentation and structure. In it’s simplest form html is the structure and css is the presentation.

Getting deeper into css style sheets some of the code can be further separated to define the layout and the more aesthetic side of the design.

One thing I’ve often done for clients is to separate the css responsible for things like color and font to make it easy for them to change.

I tend to think most non developers will have less desire to change the basic layout of a design than they will to change the color scheme.

If you’re looking for a 3 column layout you’re probably not going to download a 2 column layout and then try to add the third column. You’re much more likely to find a 3 column layout in the first place.

What Do You Want To See In A WordPress Theme?

With the above in mind I’d like to ask again what you like to see in a WordPress theme? I’m mostly concerned right now with some of the things you might want to quickly customize beyond color and font, but I am interested in anything you think goes into a quality theme.

If you’ve ever downloaded, installed, and/or customized a theme, what did you find useful and what tripped you up?

What did other themes include that made your life easier and what did other themes neglect to include that you would have liked to see?

What things do you absolutely need to see in a theme and what things do you hope will be there?

Any and all suggestions and ideas will be welcome. Thanks.

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