Dear Vincent

Edit: I originally had this entire blog hosted under the domain The Van in Vanseo Design is short for Vangogh and so other than references to an old domain the following thoughts still apply.

Welcome to my blog. I suppose you may be wondering who Vincent is and why this post is addressed to him. Vincent is Vincent Van Gogh and much of this site is inspired by him. The site and business name was taken from one of his paintings, ‘The Yellow House’ which is where Vincent lived in Arles in the south of France.

But why Vincent and why YellowHouseHosting? I first encountered Van Gogh seriously through a friend in New York a number of years ago. This friend had named his guitar Vincent and I figured if someone would name a guitar after him then there must be something special about the man.

I checked out Vincent’s paintings and was certainly impressed. Many other have been too as evidenced by the walls of none too few museums around the world.

Still were it only for his paintings this site would have a different name. Shortly before leaving New York for the mountains of Colorado I picked up a three volume set of Vincent’s writing. Letters to his brother Theo detailing his life and study of art. ‘Dear Theo’ begins every letter written in a way that reads like a personal journal detailing the soul of the artist.

I didn’t know a soul when I first moved to Boulder and I was thinking I would be living the life of a vagabond artist. Vincent was perhaps my best friend for a time in those days while I read each and every one of those letters over the course of the year.

People change and I evolved from the vagabond I once aspired to be, transforming back to the logical beginnings of my youth after discovering the internet. It took hold of me immediately and today most of my time is spent learning about, creating, developing, and marketing websites.

Funny how people change. Who knew all those years ago that it would not be a brush from which my fingers would create, but rather a laptop keyboard. And who then had ever heard of a blog.

Bear with me a bit while I feel my way through this art of blogging. It is new to me and maybe to you as well. For a few days much of my conversation will be about me, a journal detailing the soul of the webmaster perhaps. In time this blog too will evelove.

Its vision is to be about online business and ways in which you can improve yours. It sees itself as being about websites, their design and development and how to get them noticed by others. It hears itself discussing how to better turn a profit with your site and how your site can help grow your online business.

And it hopes that somewhere out there Vincent is reading and smiling.

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