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What would you do if while hiking you discovered a lost cat clearly in need of help? Would you coax it off the road and out of harms way? What would you then do as it followed you home? Would you take it in? Would you bring it to a veterinarian for medical attention? What if the cat’s medical expenses were more than you thought they would be? Would you pay the bills without thinking twice? Forrest did all of that and a little more and now he can use a little of your help

Some of you will be familiar with Forrest Croce who’s a reader here and a frequent commenter. Forrest is a photographer who takes some great pictures in and around his home in Seattle and parts beyond. Late last week on one of his hikes he came across Michael, a cat in need, who did require medical attention. Overall Michael was in decent shape, but he does have one bad eye and weak kidneys.

Michael had a microchip implanted, which listed his owner, but sadly the owner denied ownership.

Forrest’s option were to turn Michael over to a shelter where he’d like be put to sleep in a month or take Michael in and attend to his needs. Forrest chose to take Michael in. Michael’s bills were a little much for Forrest to bear so he’s set up a Michael the Cat Rescue Fund.

Michael, a cat in need

Forrest isn’t asking for a lot of money. Michael’s vet care cost a little over $500 and I think Forrest has managed to raise about half the total so far. If a few of you can contribute $10 I know it would help. It would help a friend of mine and more importantly help Michael. Here’s the link again where you can contribute to the Michael the Cat Rescue Fund. Thanks.

No one should be abandoned and left alone in world. Fortunately Michael found Forrest to help and now hopefully Forrest can count on the rest of us for a little help.

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  1. The only thing I wish I could change about this picture is his eye. Michael uses the litter box, but not consistently. I’ve found him lost in a closet before … I think he’s a little senile. So I really wish he had both eyes to help him navigate.

    Kristine – thanks!!

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