Is YouOS The Future Of Operating Systems?

It’s the end of another week and I thought I’d leave everyone with something to play around with over the weekend. That is assuming you end up spending some time at the computer on the off days like I tend to do. About a week ago I came across a site offering an alpha version of a web operating system called YouOS and it looks pretty impressive.

Registering is easy though there’s also a demo if you want to take it for a spin first. As soon as you’re in you’ll immediately get the feel of having an operating system inside of your browser. There’s a default wallpaper set up along with icons to some familiar things like a trash bin, file explorer, and rich text editor. In fact I’m writing this paragraph in that rich text editor of my own web OS now.

Ok back to my computers OS. In just a few minutes I’ve installed a few programs to my account, changed my wallpaper to one I liked better and even checked out my site in the YouBrowser, the browser within a browser. Just for fun here’s an image of me logged into my YouOS account through the YouBrowser inside my original YouOS account.

Click to open a larger image in a new window

I’m not sure you can see in the image, but in the upper left there’s a button marked ‘Stuff’ that acts similarly to the Windows Start menu. Through the Stuff button you can open programs or install new ones. If you’re a developer YouOS comes with a shell called, you guessed it, YouShell and you can develop your own applications for the operating system and share with others.

It’s definitely worth taking a look and seeing how the operating system within your browser works and how well it works. Other than being a little slower than whatever OS you have installed on your computer it works pretty well.

Could this be the future of operating systems. It’s been rumored forever that Google is developing it’s own operating system to compete with Microsoft. They deny it of course, but after seeing YouOS it’s not too hard to imagine. Maybe one day the operating system that comes with any computer will only need to connect to the internet and include a browser and everything else including your files will reside on a server somewhere in cyberspace.

Ok I agree I like having things on my own computer too. I also want my data stored locally, but imagine how this might work over a PDA that has limited RAM. Your PDA can include an OS to handle some basic tasks along with a web browser that takes you to an operating system somewhere online. Or maybe instead of online that OS resides on one server on your network which you can access anywhere from whatever handheld device you use to connect to the internet.

So enjoy the weekend and check out YouOS. It’s fun and possibly even the start of something we’ll all be using regularly in a few years.

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