Please Help Fight Censorship

Today, January 18th, 2012 sites all over the internet are blacking out to protest SOPA and PIPA, two US bills in Congress aimed at fighting piracy and copyright infringement. Neither bill is written in a way to successfully achieve their goals. Instead the bills will threaten economic prosperity, online security, and freedom of expression.

I had thought of blacking out this site, but as it’s unlikely a site the internet would miss for the day, I thought I could do more by keeping the site up and pointing you to the video and accompanying description below.

You’ve may have seen it already, though please watch it you haven’t. It’s only a few minutes long it will explain better than I can the dangers in the proposed bills.

To learn more and take action please visit Stop American Censorship at


Tell Congress not to censor the internet NOW! –

PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and corporations the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting “creativity”. The law would let the government or corporations censor entire sites– they just have to convince a judge that the site is “dedicated to copyright infringement.”

The government has already wrongly shut down sites without any recourse to the site owner. Under this bill, sharing a video with anything copyrighted in it, or what sites like Youtube and Twitter do, would be considered illegal behavior according to this bill.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this bill would cost us $47 million tax dollars a year — that’s for a fix that won’t work, disrupts the internet, stifles innovation, shuts out diverse voices, and censors the internet. This bill is bad for creativity and does not protect your rights.

30 iPhone Images of New York: Happy Thanksgiving

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