Which Information Should You Trust?

Once upon a time, the Pony Express was the fastest way to deliver trusted information.

On Tuesday, November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. The next day a Pony Express rider departed from Fort Kearny, Nebraska with the election results and headed for Fort Churchill, Nevada. The two forts marked endpoints on different telegraph lines.
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Initial Thoughts About The iPad

Last weekend I finally bought an iPad (at least for me as I write this. 2 weekends ago as you’re reading) and thought I’d share some initial thoughts about using it so far as well as some thoughts about how I can see myself using it a few months down the line.
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Custom Ad Design Giveaway From Prova.fm

You know you have a great product that people will love. Now if you only had a banner ad to attract people to your site. Maybe it’s your logo that needs an update so it speaks more to your market. Perhaps you’re all set online, but when someone asks for your business card you sheepishly admit you don’t have one.

If any of the above fits you then I have good news. Prova.fm is offering a free custom design to two lucky Van SEO Design readers.
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Jammed Finger, Hacked Sites, And A New Twitter Client

How’s that for a non-sequitor page title?

The first part relates to a softball injury I suffered last night, the second is some info about a recent hack in the wild that affected a friend’s sites, and the last refers to a new Twitter client that I think goes one better than most of the current crop.
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Seven Jobs I Might Have

Last week when James was sending me his guest post, he also informed me he’d tagged me in the latest meme, Seven jobs I’d rather have. It’s been awhile since a meme drifted through these parts so I thought I’d accept the challenge and tell you about some jobs I might have if I weren’t a web designer/developer.
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