Jammed Finger, Hacked Sites, And A New Twitter Client

How’s that for a non-sequitor page title?

The first part relates to a softball injury I suffered last night, the second is some info about a recent hack in the wild that affected a friend’s sites, and the last refers to a new Twitter client that I think goes one better than most of the current crop.
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Seven Jobs I Might Have

Last week when James was sending me his guest post, he also informed me he’d tagged me in the latest meme, Seven jobs I’d rather have. It’s been awhile since a meme drifted through these parts so I thought I’d accept the challenge and tell you about some jobs I might have if I weren’t a web designer/developer.
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Have You Ever Known Poverty?

The closest I’ve ever come to poverty was when I first moved to Colorado. I left New York with very little and arrived in a new city without a job, without a place to live, and without a friend in site.

It didn’t take too long to find all three, but still I went without more than with for close to a year. I lost more than 30 pounds during the winter because I couldn’t afford to eat as often as I should have. I picked up change off the ground one month in order to feed myself for the weekend. Some days the only reason I was able to eat at all was thanks to the charity of others.

Often I woke up not knowing where my next meal would come from and yet I have never known poverty.
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Help Fight Poverty With A Single Blog Post: Blog Action Day

Do You want to help put an end to poverty around the world?

All it takes to help is participation in Blog Action Day with a single post on October 15th about poverty.
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Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

Having a bad day
Photo by Orange Beard

You know those weeks where it seems like everything goes wrong. No matter what you do life throws a few more curveballs at you than usual and the outcome of everything seems to be the one you didn’t want. I know you’ve had those weeks. We all have them. I’m having one this week. What do you do when you have one of those weeks?
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