How You Can Help Free Alan Johnston

Ciaran called to my attention the current situation with BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. On March 12th he disappeared on his way home from his Gaza City office where he’s been providing coverage of the Middle East for the past few years. He is feared to have been kidnapped and people around the world have been calling for his release. You can help easily enough by adding a simple button to your blog or site and spread the word.
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Benefit Humanity With A Single Download

A simple download is all it takes to allow the World Community Grid to make use of your processing power while your computer is just sitting around idle. It’s similar to the SETI@home project, only the World Community Grid focuses on fighting diseases.
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Say A Prayer For Virginia Tech Tonight

Some days we’re reminded that there are more important things. Today was one of those days. By now you’ve undoubtedly seen reports of a gunman killing 32 Virginia Tech students and then himself early this morning. A few hours ago I sat down to write a typical post, but decided it will need to wait till tomorrow. Some things are more important.
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I’m Glad I Went To Bed Hungry Last Night

What does going to bed without dinner have to do with running a business?

I did have dinner, but I was feeling hungry late last night, a little too late to have something to eat. It brought back memories of a few years ago when I really did have to go to bed hungry most nights. I’m not complaining and for most of my life having enough food has never been a problem or even a concern, but for a time I couldn’t afford as much food as I should have been eating. I’d lay down most nights and listen to my stomach crying softly for sustenance. I’d wonder if tomorrow I would be able to afford dinner. I watched myself lose 30 pounds in a few short months. Don’t worry I’ve put it all back on in the years since.

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Prohibition Deja Vu? U.S. Says No To Online Gambling

Over the weekend congress quietly approved a bill that effectively makes online betting illegal in the United States. The bill makes it illegal for U.S banks and credit card companies to make payments to online gambling sites. The legislation was added to an unrelated bill by Republican Representative Jim Leach of Iowa. While not a big gambler myself this law is ridiculous and a slap in the face to civil liberty.

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