Happy Thanksgiving!


Every year on the day before Thanksgiving my mom, my brother, and myself trek into Manhattan for the day. We take in some exhibits at the museums, walk through the city, eat at out favorite pizza place, and catch the floats for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade being inflated. You’ve likely seen the parade and the floats at one time or another, but I thought you’d like to see the view behind the scenes before everyone is ready for the march down Central Park West.
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In Memory – 9/11/01

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. I was living nearly 2,000 miles from the events on that day, but I grew up in New York and have many, many friends and family still living in the area. To paraphrase a bit, you can take the boy out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the boy. I am and always will be a New Yorker and the events of that day six years ago hit closer to home than the physical distance between us.
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U.S. Workers Can Celebrate Labor Day As Most Productive Workers In The World

The first Monday in September is Labor Day here in the U.S. as I’m sure most of you know. Unlike most holidays Labor Day honors the average worker and this year the average American worker gets to celebrate a little more after the International Labor Organization declared us the most productive workers in the world for 2006.
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Happy 4th Of July

For those of you in the U.S. happy 4th of July. For everyone else I hope you have a good Wednesday. I’ll be celebrating the 231st birthday of my country today, but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing to read. I’ve been guest posting all week at eMonetized, one of the blogs run by Tim Schroeder, who I’m sure many of you know. Here are links to the three posts I’ve written so far this week with a fourth one coming tomorrow.
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How You Can Help Free Alan Johnston

Ciaran called to my attention the current situation with BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. On March 12th he disappeared on his way home from his Gaza City office where he’s been providing coverage of the Middle East for the past few years. He is feared to have been kidnapped and people around the world have been calling for his release. You can help easily enough by adding a simple button to your blog or site and spread the word.
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