Say A Prayer For Virginia Tech Tonight

Some days we’re reminded that there are more important things. Today was one of those days. By now you’ve undoubtedly seen reports of a gunman killing 32 Virginia Tech students and then himself early this morning. A few hours ago I sat down to write a typical post, but decided it will need to wait till tomorrow. Some things are more important.

I want to offer my sympathy and support for anyone who was affected by the events of this morning. The victims, their families, the Virginia Tech community, and anyone who knows any of the preceding. There is nothing I can do or say to help ease the pain of today, but know that if I could I would.

Senseless violence happens daily throughout the world. It somehow feels more tragic when it happens in a school environment and rightly so. We inherently think of our schools as safe havens for our children. Today that was not the case.

Please say a prayer for Virginia Tech tonight. Send out your thoughts, your sympathy, and your support to the families of those who lost their lives this morning and to the community around the school that will need all our help to heal.

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  1. God took you away.
    It doesn’t seem fair,
    but in the back of my mind,
    you will always be there.

    You weren’t a close friend,
    but our paths did cross,
    and your absence in this world,
    is to me a great loss.

    You were too young to die, and
    too innocent to feel that pain.
    Only heaven benefits,
    because you it has now gained.
    this is for all who lost there life in the virginia tech
    I may think of you a little less
    with each passing day,
    but your strength is something I won’t forget,
    you have changed me in a way.

    I wish for you eternal peace;
    that’s what you deserve my friend.
    I hope I lead my life well enough
    to meet up with you in the end

  2. Thanks Crystal. I’ve been at a loss for words about the whole situation. I think most of us are still feeling shock and sadness at the senseless loss and also hoping for some answers to understand why it all happened.

    I think you do a good job in your poem capturing how many people feel. Thanks again for sharing.

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