Seven Jobs I Might Have

Last week when James was sending me his guest post, he also informed me he’d tagged me in the latest meme, Seven jobs I’d rather have. It’s been awhile since a meme drifted through these parts so I thought I’d accept the challenge and tell you about some jobs I might have if I weren’t a web designer/developer.

Before offering some alternatives I’d rather be doing, the truth is I’m actually doing exactly what I think I should be doing now. I’m happy designing and developing websites and can’t really imagine doing anything else at this point. Still I might be very happy doing any of the things below.

  1. Baseball Player
  2. Sports Analyst
  3. Artist/Writer/Musician
  4. Architect
  5. Teacher
  6. Historian
  7. Astrophysicist

Second to last game at Yankee Stadium
Creative Commons License photo credit: joestump

1. Baseball Player – This was my dream growing up. If I could have written the script I’d be coming to the close of a career as either the shortstop or center fielder for the New York Yankees. We’d be talking about my hall of fame credentials and my place in baseball history. Sadly genetics didn’t give me a body possessing hall of fame skills. I can kick your butt in a weekend softball game, but a major league career was never really in the picture.

2. Sports Analyst – Not too far from the career above. Failing actually playing sports for a living, being an analyst could have been a nice career. I’m a sports junkie who grew up studying the stats on the backs of baseball cards. I look at it now as preparation for looking at web stats, but I think it would have been fun analyzing athletes past and future performance by looking at the numbers and watching the games.

3. Artist/Writer/Musician – In some sense this is what I do now. A designer isn’t that far removed from an artist and I do write regularly for this blog. I’ve always had a thing for creative types. Most of my friends tend to be creatives and one of my favorite things about designing and developing websites is the creativity it allows. It’s easy to see myself doing something creative as part of a job description.

4. Architect – Again not straying too far from what I do now. Instead of building websites I could see myself building buildings. Years ago when I completed a degree in structural engineering, the plan was to work towards becoming an architect. It didn’t work out at the time, but a few changes here or there and it’s where I might be today.

5. Teacher – Just about everyone who’s ever met me has suggested teaching as a profession at one time or another. I love to learn new things and equally enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others. Teaching is a natural fit. I prefer one on one tutoring, though could see myself living and working at a university somewhere.

6. Historian – I have a thing for history. A degree in it too. Something about being in a different place in time is exciting. I think I could have enjoyed making documentaries of some kind about different people and other historical aspects.

7. Astrophysicist – I was actually leaning in this direction while pursuing the engineering degree. Space, stars, and other celestial objects have always been fascinating to me. One of the few things that truly impresses me is how we can know what elements composed a star that died millions of years. Not sure where I’d fit into the world of astrophysics, but I think I could enjoy it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: MeRyan

There are seven jobs I might have. I won’t say I’d rather have since I’m pretty happy doing what I’m doing now, but a twist of fate here or a different decision there and I could have enjoyed doing anything on the list above.

So who’s next? What seven jobs would you rather have? If you’re interested in answering the question write a post and I’ll add your name below. For now I’ll tag.

If you couldn’t be doing what you’re doing now, what other careers might we find you in?

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  1. O.k., the sports ones weren’t a surprise. Actually the only one that really surprised me was astrophysicist. Didn’t see that one coming.

    This was a fun exercise. H tagged me for it and I wrote my post last week. It really made me think about what else I might want to do.

    • I guess they shouldn’t be a surprise, huh? Of course you know me so could probably guess.

      The astrophysicist thing likely comes from my geeky roots as a sci-fi/fantasy teen. Something cool about space and stars and all the other fun stuff out there.

      I’ve always enjoyed physics classes and did well in them. When I was an engineering student a couple of my professors tried to get me to switch to a major in physics, but I didn’t care for the program at the school at the time. I think I fell just a couple credits short of a physics minor.

      Alas it was never meant to be and I’m quite happy being the web designer/developer and marketer I am today.

  2. Hi Steven,

    Cool list. The sports job frequently comes near the top of guy’s dream jobs.

    I can’t really think of a list but I wouldn’t mind being an NBA player though 😉

    Thanks for sharing.


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