Primary Sidebar

This is a 3 column fluid layout with max-widths applied to paragrpahs to keep lines of text from growing too large.

Each column has been given 5% of left padding in order to help balance the whitespace around the blocks of text.

Main content

The max-width has been set to 75% for each column, though absolute measurements like px may sometimes be more appropriate.

Using % for max-width could still lead to overly long line lengths for larger monitors. Since this is mainly what we're trying to prevent by using max-widths it may be more appropriate to give those max-widths a value measured in px.

Seconday Sidebar

The columns can easily be rearranged in any order, by changing direction of floats and in a couple of cases adding some relative and absolute positioning.

See my post on developing 3 column fixed width layouts for details on how to rearrange the columns.